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At LeadManch, we continue to evolve and change based on our client’s needs, changes in technology and our promise to maximize sales success. We’re like a lot of you out there with a growing business, great employees and too much to do everyday.
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Manage the entire process, from a LEAD to CONVERSION

Lead generation   >   Lead qualification   >   Lead conversion


Lead Funnel

LeadManch lets businesses generate potential customer leads from multiple sources and direct customer enquiries and sort them out for the necessary follow ups.

Lead Source Analysis

Find out which traffic channels are getting you the best leads and also the maximum conversions. This will also help you to boost your sales by lowering your marketing expenses and targeting through right medium.

Track performance

Tracking statistics of each and every person of your organization is an important area in any business. This will help you to identify the real potential of each and every individual and their reliability.

The old way ()

  • Creating & managing leads through diaries & excel.
  • Forgetting to follow up with valuable leads.
  • Spending multiple days/weeks on following up a client.
  • Trying to remember what was the last conversation.
  • Scrambling to judge which advertisement is giving results.

The LeadManch way ()

  • Centerlized leads data with information & records.
  • Manage leads with reminders.
  • Figure out the best winning leads at a glance.
  • Full history of conversation created to follow the lead accordingly.
  • Find out the best effective & efficient lead source.

Inspire your team   >>   Streamline your process   >>   Reach sales mastery.